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The artist's studio, a peaceful and privileged place.
There where art isn't being made but IS BEING LIVED.


... operates a secret alchemy.

Deep emotion,
Vigilant attention,
Power of Intention.

Entering this in light bathed space, this Provencal sculptor's studio takes you from encounter to encounter.
Those that mark the path of life.
Sculptures or female presences. Madeleine Pons makes rise out of the clay for those who ventured onto the path of its creation.
Guided by the music, the one touching the heart and reflecting the soul of Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninoff, she brought forth souls and bodies, the deepest emotions, those that unite us and create harmony, unity ... the Unity we all experience.
Madeleine Pons leads us along secret paths of the things most essential to the Being: Beauty, Poetry, Music and Love.
Piano play, singing and notes that are strung on a "partition of clay", revealed to those entering the door.
You are at Madeleine Pons, in the heart of its creation.

Softness of the flesh,
Strength of movement,
Adorned with light